The PSD2 Marketplace exists to bring your ideal prospects to you by offering a European platform for PSD2 solutions

PSD2 offers vast potential across European markets. As you may have noticed, there happens to be a dramatic rise in demand for PSD2 solutions. Now is the time to reach out to your prospects and help them find their way to your PSD2 solutions. How? By providing a clear and highly appealing overview of your company’s PSD2 solutions on PSD2 Marketplace. As a valued commercial channel, PSD2 Marketplace offers the unique opportunity to showcase your company’s products and services to your ideal prospects.

As the leading European channel, designed to ensure that companies and clients get the maximum value out of PSD2 solutions, PSD2 Marketplace creates maximum transparency on offered PSD2 products and services, and their (unique) value-added in the PSD2 ecosystem. In addition, PSD2 Marketplace continuously provides all parties in the (European) PSD2 ecosystem with the latest news and insights.

The PSD2 Marketplace offers a platform for PSD2 parties to present themselves (and their value proposition) to the European market making it easier for any party to seize the benefits of PSD2, form partnerships or find a solution provider for a specific area of interest.

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