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PSD2 business consultancy: How can all kind of companies benefit?

PSD2 gives companies the opportunity to obtain a Third Party Provider licence, which allows you to take direct control of the financial aspect of your relationship with your customer. Once your customer has given consent, you will have access to their payment information in real-time and the customer may allow you to facilitate the payment after the sale. Based on this payment information it is possible to analyse and use it to offer personalized products and services and perform risk analysis based on payment behaviour.


Working for more than 20 years in the payment domain and involved in the PSD2 developments from the early beginning Enigma Consulting is well positioned to support you to find your unique business opportunity within a few workshops which makes sure you stand out from your competitors.

Enigma Consulting is a specialized consultancy firm focuses on payments, treasury and risk & compliance. Based on the new PSD2 regulation we support various companies in their search for new business opportunities to create new business models and revenue streams with a real competitive advantage.

The most interesting aspect of PSD2 for companies is the opportunity to gain access to a customer account and payment information. If correctly analysed and managed this information can be helpful for various purposes and add true value to your business:

  • Cross-sell/upsell
  • Risk based offering of services and products
  • Insight into micro journeys due to customer life events
  • Fraud detection

We support a broad range of different customers to set up new business models. With a structured and result-oriented approach we facilitate brainstorm sessions with various customers like insurance companies, pension funds, banking industry, credit providers (mortgage lender, personal credit), and lease companies. Besides these companies we support many new entrants into the market who act as Third Party Provider helping them with their business case and application as a Payment Institution at the Dutch National Bank (DNB).