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Origin: The Netherlands
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flowyour.moneyWho doesn’t want guilt free spending? Don’t worry about buying a €5 coffee, splurge on a vacation or buy these nice noise cancelling headphones. But what about saving money, paying your income taxes as a freelancer or even your pension?

The solution is simple: Flow takes care of dividing your salary or invoice amongst your budgets and saving goals automatically.

With Flow consumers and freelancers can set up smart rules for their bank accounts. By connecting all your bank accounts from different banks, you can automate your budgetting system and intelligently save money every month.

Without Flow, users either have to manually think of transferring money between different accounts, or set up planned payments. For freelancers this simply doesn’t work: you never know when your invoice is payed exactly.

By setting up automatic transactions based on intelligent triggers (such as an invoice or salary coming in) you can create your own financial autopilot. Never think about your VAT, income tax, pension, groceries budget being filled, Flow does this for you. This results in a financially stress free life.

For more information, visit our website: https://flowyour.money/ 

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