Onboarding / Credit Rating


With our PSD2 license we collect B2C and B2B bank transactions, enrich these up to 95% and make extensive financial analyses for our partners.

Origin: The Netherlands

Instantor – onboarding

With Instantor’s smart ML-driven solutions, you will improve your bottom line by taking to the next level your credit risk management, scoring and underwriting processes.

Origin: Sweden

Taust.ee – Onboarding

Taust.ee collects, processes and passes on background information from different parties to both individuals and legal entities. The information we collect helps you make better credit decisions.

Origin: Estonia


Get the data you need to make quick, accurate risk and credit assessments. Tink provides real-time account information and insights into spending behaviour.

Origin: The Netherlands


CRIF invests in innovative solutions, combining creditworthiness assessments with tools to improve customer relations and digital onboarding.

Origin: UK


DirectID is all about unleashing the value of bank data for businesses. Join us today and start solving identity, affordability, credit risk and more.

Origin: UK


Collect and share your financial data securely and easily! Ockto will make searching for your financial data in archives unnecessary.

Origin: The Netherlands

Ducit.ai – onboarding

Ducit.ai’s affordability score is based on the most up to date financial transactional data to estimate the ability of consumers and SMEs to afford the credit product in question.

Origin: UK

Credit Kudos

Credit Kudos harnesses financial data through Open Banking to make better, fairer credit decisions.

Origin: UK


Creddible offers their customers an accurate credit score report and also make tailored recommendations based on this report.

Origin: UK


Kontomatik provides a solution that digitalizes the customer journey and enhances new customer scoring & profiling.

Origin: Lithuania

Friendly Score

FriendlyScore enables you to use your digital data to instantly improve your credit rating and get better rates on loans, anywhere in the world.

Origin: UK

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