Personal finance management

Flow your money

Use Flow to automate your budgetting system, to help you save more money or just to divide your salary or invoice the way you like it.

Origin: The Netherlands


Buddy provides an overview of all your bank accounts, makes budget on your fixed costs and calculate the amount of benefits and welfare you are entitled to.

Origin: The Netherlands


Budgetbakers provides a complete overview of your financials, as well as your spending, and creates budgets based on this information in order for customers to achieve their saving goals.

Origin: Czech


Moneyhub enables you to see all your money in one place and use powerful, market-leading tools to achieve your (financial) goals.

Origin: UK

Budget Insight

Budget Insight APIs automatically gathers bank statements of your customers, easily connects supplier sites to the APP to get all invoices in one place and offers your clients a global vision of their financial wealth.

Origin: France


Bittiq enables financial institutions to help customers realise their financial future. We activate sleeping money and push it profitable assets.

Origin: The Netherlands


Meet Emma, your Best Financial Friend. She helps you in avoiding overdrafts, finding wasteful subscriptions and giving the control you need over your finances.

Origin: UK


Youtility delivers human-centered user experiences, to help people to manage their finances. Our solutions are simple to integrate, fully customisable and allow for behavioural testing.

Origin: UK

Money Dashboard

Save money, plan and achieve your goals with our free multi-award winning money app and budget planner.

Origin: UK

Money Info

Moneyinfo is the client portal that delivers clients’ secure access to their entire financial life in one place all beautifully presented under your brand.

Origin: UK


Portify provides an APP to earn more, spend less, and build access to fair financing to increase your income.

Origin: UK


Subaio gives users control of their subscriptions by presenting a subscription overview, providing an option for cancellation and by offering financial advice.

Origin: Denmark


Bean enables customer to compare deals on your household bills, learn how to cancel any unwanted subscriptions and track your payments across every account.

Origin: UK


Bippit rebuilt financial planning from the ground up to make improving your financial situation effortless.

Origin: UK


Spendee enables people to make smart decisions about their money and helps people to get their money in to shape.

Origin: Czech


Stay on top of your money with a custom budget that tracks your spending and gives you a clear path to any goal.

Origin: USA


The Grip app shows you all your transactions at a glance, automatically assigning them to categories.

Origin: The Netherlands


Do you know what you pay every month on fixed costs? Dyme app imports your recurring cost safely and quickly out or your account statements in one transparent overview.

Origin: The Netherlands


Moven offers flexible smart-banking solutions which you can embed into existing apps for an enhanced and unique digital offering for your customers.

Origin: US


The smart thinking money app. With an overview of all your bank accounts and smart insides to track your finances and manage your spendings.

Origin: The Netherlands


With our PSD2 license we collect B2C and B2B bank transactions, enrich these up to 95% and make extensive financial analyses for our partners.

Origin: The Netherlands

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