Ibanity – XS2A

Ibanity offers a product called XS2A which connects licensed third parties to European banks. Accessible on the developer-friendly Ibanity API marketplace.

Origin: Belgium

Ibanity – Ponto Connect

Ibanity offers a product called Ponto Connect which connects unlicensed softwares to European banks. We take care of everything, from enrollment to consent.

Origin: Belgium


Invers Collect offers PSD2 XS2A services and interfaces for Account Information Services.

Origin: The Netherlands


Enable Banking SDK libraries provide easy way to access Open Banking APIs by connecting banks directly and harmonising data inside the libraries.

Origin: Finland

Yolt Technology Services

Yolt Technology Services is the leading open banking provider in Europe, building, managing, and maintaining AIS and PIS connections for top financial institutions and ambitious tech businesses.

Origin: UK


Cobase offers a multi bankplatform to connect with potentially almost every bank in the world. With a PSD2 licence (AISP and PISP) they are supervised by DNB.

Origin: The Netherlands


Ducit.ai is the artificial intelligence and machine learning Open Banking platform which aims to democratise banking data for the benefit of consumers and small businesses.

Origin: UK

Visma Connect

Visma Connect offers PSD2 XS2A services and interfaces for Payment Initiation and Account Information Services.

Origin: The Netherlands


Truelayer is able to connect your APP with any bank and offers a single service to access identity data, balance and transaction data from your users’ bank account. Take advantage of Open Banking and PSD2 today.

Origin: UK


Eurobits retrieves, normalizes and categorizes all the available financial and non financial information for consumer and enterprise banking, and offers this information via an API.

Origin: Spain


From sandbox to production and business-as-usual support, Prolifics will help you with your entire journey to PSD2 compliance and innovation.

Origin: UK


Our aim is to interconnect Financial Institutions, Fintechs and other innovative players, to build, together, the Future of Open Banking.

Origin: Luxembourg

Open Payments

Open Payments Europe provides a PSD2-compliant infrastructure platform that will offer users a single, open and secure point of access to the diverse bank APIs throughout the EU.

Origin: Sweden


Plaid offers the technical infrastructure APIs that connect consumers, traditional financial institutions, and developers in order to democratize financial services.

Origin: UK

equensWorldline – API connector

The equensWorldline Developer Portal is your dedicated API store, a demonstration portal for our open APIs in which internal and external developers participat.

Origin: The Netherlands

Salt Edge API

Connect to Account Information and Payment Initiation channels of all banks within the EU via Salt Edge API.

Origin: UK


The Pelican API solutions enable Third-Party Providers to access PSD2 Payment Initiation and Account Information services.

Origin: India


BANKXS enables partners to have access to European banks and Identity providers.

Origin: The Netherlands


Volt is a future proof payment service and digital money platform, that makes payments faster and cheaper, whilst eliminating card fraud.

Origin: The Netherlands


Yapily is an API Only tech provider that enables innovative products to connect to banks, empowering a new generation of financial services.

Origin: UK

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