TPP Certificates (QTSP’s)

Digicert & QuoVadis

QuoVadis helps you with steps you need to take to ensure your business meets the new regulatory standards, using PSD2 QWAC and QSealC certificate.

Origin: The Netherlands


LuxTrust is a Qualified Trusted Service Provider and Certification Authority that delivers and manage electronic identities.

Origin: Luxemburg


InfoCert enables companies to innovate the customer interactions and operational with trust-based business solutions and services.

Origin: Italy


HARICA acts as a Trust Service Provider (TSP) also known as a “Certification Authority”, and as a “Qualified” Trust Service Provider (QTSP).

Origin: Greece


GlobalSign is an identity services company providing cloud-based, highly scalable PKI solutions for enterprises needing to conduct safe commerce.

Origin: US


certSIGN helps protect electronic information, from contracts and online transactions to information stored on workstations and servers.

Origin: Romania


Swisscom Open Banking Hub provides a secure platform for digital data communication in existing and future financial ecosystems.

Origin: Switzerland


Camerfirma offers customers the ITS possibility of using digital certification to interact with other companies and public administration bodies.

Origin: Spain


Multicert provides qualified QWAC and QSealC certificates PSD2 compliant and eIDAS accredited.

Origin: Portugal


Buypass provides a complete portfolio of services for identifying and encrypting information throughout the digital value chain.

Origin: Norway


Microsec offers PKI-based technology to fulfil authentication and information security requirements triggered by the Revised Payment Services Directive.

Origin: Hungary

Actalis / Aruba PEC

Actalis S.p.A, designs, builds and manages services and solutions in the e-security field.

Origin: The Italy


I.CA offers products and services for new payment service providers (TPP) and for banks that manage client accounts.

Origin: Slovakia


With BDR’s PSD2 certificates you can test your interfaces and systems. As one of the first qualified trusted service providers in Europe, BDR now offer real certificates.

Origin: Germany

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